Creatability has created a standard timeline to ensure our clients are not only happy with their finished website but that the website is developed in a reasonable timeframe. Please read the information below to understand the steps involved in developing your new website.

  1. After we have come to an agreement for website cost, number of pages and the overall scope of work we will need basic information. This includes logo, colors, and company information such as: phone number, address, and company hours (if applicable). In addition we need the layout for the menu and what pages your website will need. Here is an example:

  2. Once we receive this information from you we will create a development site, this is basically the framework of your website with the look and feel of your business. Please note during this time we will use placeholder text and images to represent what your website will look like.
    Depending on the size of your website this will generally take a maximum of 10 business days for us to create.
    While we are building this it is important for you to start pulling together your website content with information for pages, gather testimonials, collect photos, and if you are using any stock images you must complete our Stock Image Requirements form.
    *If you have an existing website and are simply redesigning it with the same content we will pull the information ourselves from you're existing website - with the exclusion of some images if we need a larger image file.

  3. Once the development site has been created we will email you the link for your review. Unless otherwise discussed for your specific contract you are entitled to one major redesign of the site if you feel we did not create the look and feel of your business. Keep in mind pages can be formatted differently and we are only looking for approval of the overall theme. We expect to have your approval within 3 business days. Delays in the approval of the development site and feedback will result in the delayed launch of your website as we cannot move forward until we receive approval. 

  4. Upon approval of the development site we will need your website content (as discussed in #2).
    We understand collecting this large amount of information can take time, this is why we suggest starting to collect this information prior to now, and give you until the specified date on the agreement discussed for your specific project.
    We recommend sending content in one structured email, however allow you to send it in up to three emails if needed. In most cases we will set you up with a account where you can drop images and files for us to easily access - when we receive your content email please specify any content located in your box account. Content should be categorized by page including all text and photos for that specific page and any notes on layout. This ensures we receive all your information and are not searching through multiple emails of small sections that may get overlooked and are extremely time consuming.
    Please keep in mind content needs to be proofread before sending and should be finalized content. We try our best to second check content as we place it in but we are not responsible for any typos copied from your text and are not responsible for writing any missing content for your website.

  5. After all content has been received we will place it into the development website and work on finalizing your website. Depending on size of website we aim to do this within 4 business days.

  6. When we feel your website is complete and ready for your final approval we will ask you to review it once more. This gives you the opportunity to make sure you are entirely happy with your website and note any minor changes you would like including formatting. The number of changes we allow during this process will be noted in our prior agreement. All changes must be sent in one structured list noting what page the change is on and what you would like changed.

  7. Once we have made it through your list we will send you the link and your website can be launched, and most importantly ready to show off to your clients!